Brentford Chamber History


During the year 1945-46 with the war over and business looking to the future the Chamber affiliated to the Council of Retail Distributors and held a meeting for Presidents of five other west London Chambers over a successful lunch at the Clarendon Hotel (in Ealing?). Mr Lobb's scheme for the redevelopment had been agreed in principle by the Borough Council and an Annual Dinner to mark the 25 years from the inauguration of the Chamber was held. The full quota of 195 tickets were spoken for a week before the event that was held at the Red Lion Hotel in Hounslow. As wartime restrictions had meant that past Presidents badges had not been able to be made, Mr Sam Garrett and Mr R F C Crowther were presented with their badges. Mr Crowther in his final report emphasises the importance of the Chamber in the post war years in forwarding the interests of its members.

'After all' he writes 'the Chamber as a whole is made up of each member as a unit and the success of the whole can be measured only by what the unit is prepared to put into it - not by any means to the extend of an annual subscription, but by personal service'. A sentiment stressed for many years since then.

After the war there were many changes in the town.

A policy of decentralisation of industry and manufacturing encouraged a move away from London and the general lack of money, the slow release of land and an overburdened building trade led to delays in implementing most of the plans for housing and the High Street. This planning blight continued after Brentford became part of the London Borough of Hounslow in 1965 and until the end of the 20th century.

Janet McNamara

March 2004



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