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All documents to do with our AGMs including minutes and accounts.


pdf 2008 Brentford Chamber of Commerce AGM Minutes

Minutes Of the Brentford Chamber Of Commerce Annual General Meeting 13 May 2008 at The Hock Cellar, Fuller Smith & Turner, Chiswick.

pdf 2012 Financial Report

These are the final audited approved accounts for Brentford Chamber of Commerce for 2012.

pdf 2012 Minutes of Brentford Chamber AGM

These are the formal minutes of our AGM in 2012. A less formal write up can be read as well.

pdf 2016 Minutes AGM

These are the minutes for 2016 AGM. The accounts are available separately.

pdf AGM 2015 - Agenda and associated documents


Minutes of 2014 AGM

Audited Accounts

Fees Proposal

pdf Brentford Chamber Activities 2014

Presentation delivered at May 2014 AGM of Brentford Chamber of Commerce to showcase the events and activities Brentford Chamber has hosted or taken part in over the year.

pdf Brentford Chamber Minutes AGM May 2010

These are the minutes from Brentford Chamber's AGM in May 2010.

pdf Brentford Chamber of Commerce Draft Financial Report for AGM 2011

This is the draft financial report for the year ending 28th February 2011 and has not yet been approved by the auditor so is subject to revision.

pdf Brentford Chamber of Commerce Minutes of May AGM 2011

Brentford Chamber of Commerce Minutes of May AGM 2011 at Hock Cellar, Fuller's

document Nomination Form 2012

Nomination form to put a member forward to stand at the 2012 AGM.

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