About Brentford Chamber of Commerce

Formed in 1920, The Brentford Chamber of Commerce is the largest representation of Brentford businesses.

Adam ShailesWe are a driving force for local businesses because we provide our members with:

  • Local networking with other businesses and with community members
  • The facility to promote your business to other local businesses and the wider community
  • Contribution to a lobby group that makes representations to the council and other groups on local issues
  • A collective voice representing Brentford businesses
  • Use our website to market your business
  • Regular e-newsletter keeping members informed

The Brentford Chamber of Commerce is led by our President and the Executive Committee, who all volunteer their time and it is governed by the Objects and Rules. The committee are voted in by our membership at our AGM. The roles of the Executive (including Vice-President and President), Treasurer, and Secretary can be downloaded in pdf form.

The Secretary is paid on a part time basis to administer the Chamber and its website.

Our reasonable membership fees are scaled according to the number of employees in your business.

Visit our Membership page to see our current fees and to complete our application form.

Non-members are welcome to advertise on our website (and be included in our newsletters) but will be charged £50 a time.


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