Brentford, Middlesex / Greater London


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Organisation Size Fee
Sole traders
Organisations employing 2-10 inclusive
Organisations employing 11-30 inclusive
Organisations employing 31-50 inclusive
Organisations employing 51-100 inclusive
Organisations employing 101 or more
£ 30
£ 90

The Chamber year commences on 1st March when subscriptions become due. Payments received before our AGM can be discounted by 50%.

Members elected on or after 1st January pay the joining fee plus full subscription which covers the balance of the current year (to 1st March) plus the following year.


Guests are very welcome to attend our meetings but we would like to encourage them to become members.

Guests may attend freely twice, after which they will be charged to attend (£10/£20 as appropriate).
Members are limited to 2 attendees per company per event, with additional charged as guests.

Chamber members can earn a 50% commission on any new members they bring in. Just ask the new member to name the recommending member on the application form.